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Aberfeldy 21YR

80 Proof - Richly textured, honeyed nose with sweet, creamy intensity, dried fruits, floral heather notes, and toasted coconut. Both sweet and full with lashings of scottish honey and an abundance of orange peel, with notes of cream, vanilla, and oak, long, spicy, dry finish.

Aberlour 12YR
86 Proof - Well balanced, with cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla. Apple and toffee are also present, along with oak and malt. Further examination produces a hint of mint. The finish is drier and fades softly.

Aberlour 16YR
86 Proof - Rich, heavy, and polished, with cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla. Hints of orange, red apple, plum, and caramel emerge, with spices on the finish joined by hints of nuts.

Aberlour 18YR
86 Proof - Rich and decadent, with cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and cloves. Big sherry influence, but not so much as to hide the distillery characteristic, moderately oily, creamy mouth coating, with notes of toffee, red fruit, and a hint of candied orange. The finish is luxurious.

Aberlour A'Bunadh
119.4 Proof - Deep, rich amber color with an aroma of red apples, caramel and spiced oranges. Initial flavors of dark chocolate, cherries, ginger and dried fruits are enriched with hints of sherry and oak. Mid-palate has more honey and spices and leads to a robust finish with notes of exotic spices and oak.

Ancnoc 12YR
86 Proof - Golden straw color, aroma of honey and lemon. Notes of citrus, tart pears, caramel apples and orange zest on the palate. Leads to a soft and smooth finish.

Ardbeg 10YR
92 Proof - Relatively sweet on the nose, with a soft peat, carbolic soap, and arbroath smokies. Intense yet quite delicate on the palate, with burning peats and dried fruit, malt, and a touch of licorice. Long and smoky in the finish, with a balance of cereal sweetness and dry peat notes.

Ardbeg Corryvreckan
114.2 Proof - A classic nose of peat smoke, tar and freshly dug soil. Mouth-coating and silky on the palate, with rich, sweet peat notes. The finish is long, with peppery peat.

Ardbeg Dark Cove
93 Proof - Notes of cured meats, chocolate oranges, coffee, oil and black currant on the nose. The palate transitions to tart flavors of lime, honey, gingerm pepper and oak, and leads to an exquisite finish marked by almonds, toffee, raisins, dates and wood polish.

Ardbeg Perpetuum
94.8 Proof - Straw gold appearance with classic aromas of dark chocolate, peat smoke and salty sea air. The nose transforms into a dazzling array of canned peaches, honey, vanilla and chili on the palate, and leads to a never-ending finish filled with licorice, citrus, oak and hints of smoke.

Ardbeg Uigeadail
108.4 Proof - Aroma of Christmas cake, violet, ocean spice, cedar and chewy leather. Initially sweet flavor profile, with touches of cherry, dark chocolate and caramelized oranges. Subtle undertone of peat, with touches of honey and tobacco. Finish is long and chewy, with notes of raisins, figs and mocha.

Auchentoshan 21YR Limited Release
86 Proof - Aroma of ripe berries, creamy vanilla, oak, honey and mint. Notes of sweet milk chocolate, honeyed oak, green apples and nutty dough, leading to a long, elegant finish. Full bodied and chewy.

Auchentoshan American Oak
80 Proof - Bright golden color, aroma of bourbon, coconut, and vanilla. Notes of spiced fruits, citrus, toffee and whipped cream on the palate. Finish with hints of grapefruits and spices.

Aultmore 12YR
92 Proof - Color is clear to mid golden amber. Aroma: pear, green apple, pear drops, candied fruit, leather, sea salt, and vanilla custard. More salty old oak with water. Taste: pear drops, and apple fruit, vanilla and warming spice. Water amplifies salty oak and vanilla custard. Finish: green apple and ripe pear with lingering salt and spice.

Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14YR
86 Proof - Aroma of sweet vanilla and toffee, along with a touch of candied fruits. Notes of dried fruits (particularly pears), molasses and honeyed oak on the palate, which are well-complemented by hints of mellow caramel and butterscotch. Finish is soft and elegant, and ends with a lingering flavor.

Balvenie Doublewood 12YR
86 Proof - A layered whisky. On the nose, fruity and pleasant, with a touch of honey and hints of sweet sherry and vanilla beneath the surface. On the palate, it is smooth, sweet, warming, and lightly spiced in flavor. The finish is long and satisfying.

Benriach 12YR
92 Proof - Nose is floral, grassy, heather honey, vanilla sweetness with a hint of fresh peat. Palate: silken delivery offers white peach and spicy toffee apple, floral and honey. Finish: refined, little spice, melted chocolate.

Bowmore 12YR
80 Proof - Nose: Coastal smoke and ash soon make way for orange zest, lemon slices, and some hay before becoming rather floral. The palate is lovely and rounded, honeyed even, initially vanilla, perfumed smoke and coastal elements develop. Also dark peat, blossom oily sweetness. The finish is smoky and long. Sea spray, dry grass, a touch of ash and citrus.

Bowmore Darkfest 15YR
86 Proof - Aroma of dark chocolate, sun-dried mango, papaya and islay smoke. Notes of rich toffee, dark fruits, apples and citrus on the palate, that are complemented by a subtle undertone of cedar. Finish is robust and complex, with a touch of sherry.

Bowmore 18YR
86 Proof - The nose is classic smokiness, perfectly tampered with creamy caramel, chocolate and ripe fruit aromas. The palate has a beautiful soft fruit and chocolate balanced with a light smokiness, incredibly balanced. A long and wonderfully balanced finish.

Bunnahabhain 18YR
92.6 Proof - The nose has tones of toffee and vanilla, through which clear hints of green banana, orange, and chocolate-covered cherry are soon detected. On the palate, the whisky is creamy and mouth-coating. The finish is slighty astringent.

Caol ILA 10YR Connoisseurs Choice (G & M)
92 Proof - Color is straw gold. Nose: rich, fruity, peaches, bananas, mangoes with a hint of smoke in the background. Taste: peated, smoked fruit, dried apricots and some baked apples. Finish: smoky, rich, a little warmth remains along with the dried fruit flavors.

Clynelish 14YR
92 Proof - Aroma of plums, grapes, plump barley and a hint of citrus. Aroma gives way to a rich, waxy body, with floral and peat notes layered underneath saltwater taffy, and leads to a subtle finish accented by figs, black peppers and caramel.

Cragganmore 12YR
80 Proof - Straw gold color and beautiful floral aroma, with added notes of sage, rosemary, honey and peanut butter brittle. Palate is filled with hazelnuts, dark chocolate and lavender, and leads to a subtle finish that is marked by oak, almonds, light smoke and vanilla.

Craigellachie 13YR
92 Proof - Straw gold color and a bold, peppery aroma that is boistered by stone fruits, cloves, vanilla and marshlands. The palate is hearty, filled with lovely notes of melon, honeysuckle, toffee and burnt wood, and lead to a complex finish, with additional notes of charred oak, apricots and rustic earth.

Dalmore 12YR
80 Proof - Rich, amber color. Malty, caramel aromas have a sour crwam pastry edge. A round, rich entry leads to an off-dry medium-to full-bodied palate with sweet toffee, brown spices, leather, and robust exotic peppercorns. Finishes with a long sherried fade of caramel, pepper, and salty roasted nuts.

Dalmore 15YR
80 Proof - Aromas of raisins, mandarin oranges, milk chocolate and prunes. The aroma gives way to notes of ginger, espresso beans and coffee cake on the palate. The finish is warming and lush, with hints of vanilla, oak spices, red fruits and green apples.

Dalmore 18YR
86 Proof - An intense aroma of red fruits, particularly raspberries, plums and cherries. Notes of milk chocolate, coffee and citrus dominate the palate and give way to a spicy finish that is accented by notes of caramel, pear and nutmeg.

Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve
86 Proof - Spicy Christmas cake with rich sherry notws on the nose. Fragrant, with figs, cinnamon, ripe oranges, and glace cherries. Robust sweet toffee and mango flavors, with oloroso sherry, vanilla, and lively spices. Medium to long finish, with ginger, treacle, and licorice.

Dalmore King Alexander III
80 Proof - Aged in a wide variety of casks, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Madeira, Matusalem Sherry, Marsala, Port and Bourbon. This diversity, shows in complexity and unique flavor profile. Very rich, but balanced with oak spice and gripping resin. Sweet layers of toffee, molasses and vanilla fudge provide a foundation of red plum, ripe red raspberry, black cherry, blueberry, orange marmalade, kiwi, grape skin and toasted almond.

Edradour 10YR
86 Proof - Nose: Medium, great complexity. Thoroughly fruity, sherry, sweetness alluring vanilla. Palate: Cloying, seductive murkiness, rum, barley, toasted almonds. Finish: Any confusion is arrested: Spiced fruitcake with creme anglaise. An unusual malt.

Glen Grant 10YR
80 Proof - Aroma of vanilla, toffee, apple and earthy minerals. Notes of sweet fruit, malt and hint of peat. Long supple finish touched by toffee and dry apples.

Glen Grant 16YR
86 Proof - Aroma of ripe fruits, caramel, vanilla and oak. Notes of rich orchard fruits, including apples, pears and peaches on the palate. Finish is long intensely fruity.

Glen Moray 12YR
80 Proof - Nose: Clover honey and cereal grain with a fresh gristy character. The palate is creamy with a little winter spice and green herbaceousness. The finish is swift and refreshing with lingering notes of vanilla and acacia honey.

Glenburgie 10YR (G & M)
86 Proof - Aroma of mulled fruit, citrus, and toasted malt. The palate has notes of grapefruit that are complemented by spicy notes of oak, pepper and vanilla. Medium complex finish with hints of sherry, toffee and a touch of sweetness.

Glendronach Revival 15YR
92 Proof - Brilliant amber color. Aromas of dark roasted nuts, cocoa, and smoldering pipe tobacco with a chewy, tangy, dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body and a warming, very long toasty honeyed granola, toffee, rich spices and smoked pepper and minerals finish.

Glenfarclas 12YR
86 Proof - Nose: Light and creamy with a mix of supple, soft sherry and manuka honey, hints of smoke, rich oak, and a little pine resin. The palate is medium-bodied, with notes of date and walnut cake, oloroso sherry and hints of earthy forest floor. A beautiful note of malt, with toffee apple and a touch of smoke. Long spicy finish, allspice, cinnamon, cloves and sherry.

Glenfiddich 12YR
80 Proof - Fragrant  fruit, poached pear, and roast apple abound here. These follow onto the palate, which is rich and has a hint of pine. The finish is long and the fruity sweetness lingers for a while.

Glenfiddich 15YR
80 Proof - The nose draws you in, slowly revealing layers of fruit, from apple and pear to more tropical flavors, such as mango. There is a touch of pie crust too. In the mouth, more depth is discovered with malt, fruit, and oak grip. The finish is woody and fruity.

Glenfiddich 18YR
86 Proof - Complex aroma of orchard fruits, baked apple and toasted oak. The palate reveals additional flavors of orange peel, dates, and rock candy, and leads to warm distinguished finish.

Glenkinchie 12YR
80 Proof - Nose: Light, yet fragrant. Notes of fresh cereal and grist, some barley sweetness and nutty note. Acacia honey creeps in with gentle warmth. Palate: Very fruity with notes of madeira and sweet stewed fruits. A hint of calvados and tannic oak lining the mouth. Finish: Medium with notes of cereal and fresh greenness.

Glenlivet 12YR
80 Proof - Clean and malty with notes of vanilla, spice, and nut. Medium-bodied and slightly creamy. Over time, caramel and peach emerge with a hint of cinnamon.

Glenlivet Archive 21YR
86 Proof - Aroma of pine, raisins, and sandalwood. Notes of brown sugar, walnuts and honey on the palate, that are well-complemented by notes of dried fruits, Christmas cake and baking spices. Finish is long and sweet, with a hint of chewy leather, ginger and oak.

Glenmorangie 10YR the Original $9.45
86 Proof - Aroma of citrus and ripened peaches softened by a touch of vanilla. Floral notes burst on the palate, and are complemented by hints of crwam and buttered nuts. Finish is long and delicate, with touches of orange and peach.

Glenrothes 1995
86 Proof - Medium golden golor. Aroma of citrus, butterscotch and maple syrup. Sweet red fruits (including plums and berries), vanilla and rich spices on the palate. Long finish with a touch of caramelized sugar and honeyed oak.

Glenrothes Sherry Cask Reserve
80 Proof - Complex aroma of lemon cake, Christmas cookies, fresh pear and vanilla, which leads to an equally bold palate filled with notes of gingerbread, oak, flan and baking spices. Finish: Bitter and nutty, is complete with notes of orange zest.

Glenrothes Vintage Reserve
80 Proof - Aroma: Unusually fragrant, soft in style, wafts of mature citrus and honeycomb accompanied with characteristic red fruits. Palate: Very soft, silky, creamy mouth-feel. Red berry fruits swirl and dominate with time over the nuttiness. Finish: Mid to long citrus and honeyed vanilla and the faint reminder of 1st fill sherry casks.

Glenturret 11YR (G & M)
92 Proof - Dark amber to medium brown in color. A rich malty nose, with very little in the way of sweetness or fruitiness. The taste is dense and chewy. Like a liquid deset, with notes of toffee, caramel and cocoa powder/unsweetened chocolate, possibly balanced by a hint of cinnamon. The finish is relatively long and dry.

Haig Club
80 Proof - This single grain scotch whisky has an aroma of breakfast cereal with honey and vanilla, brown butter and dried herbs join these aromas on the mid-palate. Buttery pastries and toffee are present with a toasted barrel profile. Finish: Slight spice and tang.

Highland Park 12YR
86 Proof - A rich aroma of chocolate, orange zest, toffee and butterscotch, which leads to marvelous palate filled with notes of licorice barrel char, malt and apricot. The finish is incredibly dry, smooth, with sherry notes mingling with light touches of peat smoke.

Highland Park 15YR
86 Proof - Color: Bright gold with amber tones. Nose: citrus, more lime than lemon or orange, light oak  tones, sherry and light peat smoke. Palate: Sweet vanilla, dry sherry, and citrus give way to peat smoke just before the finish. Medium-oily mouthfeel. Rather quick finish with some saltiness on the very end...lingering sherry aftertaste.

Highland Park 18YR
86 Proof - Dark amber color, along with an aroma of dried fruits, heather honey, cedar and soft peat. Aroma gives way to notws of apricots, cherries and honey on the palate, which are well-balanced by a subtle smoky undertone that is accented with a hint of salty tang. Rich mellow finish that has warming, spicy touch.

Highland Park Dark Origins
93.6 Proof - Aroma of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, espresso beans, butterscotch and blackcurrant. Notes of heathered smoke, peat, caramel, coffee cream and cocoa beans dominate the palate. Finish is accented by touches of sherry and vanilla.

Jura 16YR Diurachs' Own
86 Proof - Nose: Fruity honey, sugared and spiced cooking apples, some floral spiciness with touches of vanilla. Quite thick on the mouthfeel. Lots of honey, sugar, some apple and orange flesh, with a little crystallised ginger. Finish: Warming, hugging, ginger spice, some orange and a touch of chocolate.

Jura Origin
86 Proof - A woody nose with a hint of floral honey. Mid-to-heavy body, oaky wood is in the forefront, with dabs of sweet honey, caramel and vanilla. The finish is smoky, with just a tinge of a spicy bite.

Jura Prophecy
92 Proof - Nose: Some peat, aniseed, oily, dry and pungent. The Palate is smoky and dry, a muscular, powerful whisky with notes of nutmeg, cardamon, sea spray and coal tar. The finish has good length, with punchy, dry peat smoke and dry herbal notes.

Jura Superstition
86 Proof - Subtle aroma of smoke, olives, marzipan and marinated beef. Notws of cloves, cinnamon, nuts, heather and peat on the palate. Finishes with a warming touch of honey and cedar.

Lagavulin 12YR
113.6 Proof - The aromas embrace toasted cereal and take on a roasted, nutty quality but the fragrant smoke always returns. The palate is dusty, very sweet, then positively smoky, as with roasted chestnuts. The finish is long and smoky, with toasted sesame seeds and basil. Very enjoyable straight and even classier with a touch of water. (Natural Cask Strength)

Lagavulin 16YR
86 Proof - One of the smokiest noses from Islay. It's big, very, very concentrated, and redolent of iodine, sweet spices, good, mature sherry and creamy vanilla, stunning. The palate is very thick and rich. A massive mouthful of malt and sherry with good fruity sweetness. Big powerful peat and oak. It has a long spicy finish, with figs, dates, peat smoke and vanilla.

Lagavulin Distillers Edition
86 Proof - Intense aroma of peaty smoke, wood spices and earl grey tea, notes of peat, rich smoke and salty tang, which are balanced by subtle hints of vanilla and honeyed oak. Finish is incredible and intense, with complex notes of sweet caramel and fruits belying bolder notes of peat and smoke.

Laphroaig 10YR
86 Proof - Big, smoky muscular peat notes, spices, and liquorice, as well as big dose of salt. Palate: seaweed-led, with a hint of vanilla ice cream. The oak is big. An upsurge of spices develop, cardamon, black pepper and chilli. The finish is big and drying.

Laphroaig Quarter Cask
96 Proof - Aroma of tropical fruits and smoke. Notes of citrus, malt, cinnamon and oak on the palate, which are complemented by a subtle smoky undertone. Finish is refreshing and peaty, with touches of caramel and vanilla throughout.

Laphroaig Triple Wood
96 Proof - Intense, peaty aroma with hints of caramel, raisins and prunes. Notes of honey, vanilla, buttered biscuits, cinnamon and peat on the palate. Touches of burnt sugar, caramel and toasted almonds. Finish: bold, long, with notes of peat, salty tang and red fruits.

Linkwood 15YR (G & M)
86 Proof - Aroma: fresh and fragrant with heavy sherry influences. More delicate fruity notes develop. Palate: heavy sweetness, very smooth and creamy, with a delicate spicy edge. Some nutty influences-Brazil nuts. Finish: quite long and oaked with a touch of spice.

Linkwood 1998 Cote Rotie Private Collection (G & M)
86 Proof - Intense aroma of peaty smoke, wood spices and earl grey tea, notes of peat, rich smoke and salty tang, which are balanced by subtle hints of vanilla and honeyed oak. Finish is incredible and intense, with complex notes of sweet caramel and fruits belying bolder notes of peat and smoke.

Macallan 12YR
86 Proof - Nose: vanilla with a hint of ginger, dried fruits, sherry sweetness and wood smoke. The palate is deliciously smooth, rich dried fruits and sherry balanced with wood smoke and spice. The finish is sweet toffee and dried fruits, with wood smoke and spice.

Macallan 15YR Fine Oak
86 Proof - Color is rich straw, nose is sublime and full, with a hint of rose and cinnamon. The palate is intense rich  chocolate, with a hint of orange and raisin. The finish is lingering, with a hint of chocolate, orange and dried fruits.

Macallan 17YR Fine Oak
86 Proof - Color is light amber. The nose is heavy, exotic and floral with a hint of jasmine, tropical fruit and peat. The palate is soft and rich with a hint of citrus, spice and wood smoke. The finish is lingering with a hint of orange zest.

Macallan 18YR
86 Proof - Aroma of dried fruits and ginger root, along with notes of vanilla and cinnamon. Palate is bursting with orange citrus and close, as well as a very subtle wood smoke, and leads an elegant finish filled with toffee, oak, almonds and dried mangos.

Macallan Fine Oak 10YR
86 Proof - Intense aroma of peaty smoke, wood spices and earl grey tea, notes of peat, rich smoke and salty tang, which are balanced by subtle hints of vanilla and honeyed oak. Finish is incredible and intense, with complex notes of sweet caramel and fruits belying bolder notes of peat and smoke.

Macallan Rare Cask
86 Proof - Gorgeous rose color. Aroma of ripe fruits, plums, berries and honey. Notes of sherry dominate the palate, with undertones of creamy vanilla, honeydew, raspberried and milk chocolate. Long, beautiful finish.

Mortlach 15YR (G & M)
86 Proof - Well-rounded aroma, with hints of orange peel, raisins, and candied fruits. Notes of sherry, chocolate, plums and citrus dominate the palate. Finish with touches of vanilla and caramel.

Mortlach 18YR
86 Proof - Intense aroma of peaty smoke, wood spices and earl grey tea, notes of peat, rich smoke and salty tang, which are balanced by subtle hints of vanilla and honeyed oak. Finish is incredible and intense, with complex notes of sweet caramel and fruits belying bolder notes of peat and smoke.

Mortlach 25YR (G & M)
86 Proof - Nose: Guava, fig, ripe oranges, grapefruit gummies, vanilla, cookie dough, light caramel, almond paste, and nougat. A very inviting blend of tropical fruit, citeus and sweets. Palate: cookie dough, nougat and almond paste, light and sweet coffee. Finish: long and elegant, with very mild peppery heat.

Mortlach Rare Old
86.8 Proof - Golden amber color, along with an aroma of toffee, fudge, wood spices and dried fruits. Notes of cinnamon, raisins, stewed apples and apricots dominate the palate. Finish is accented by earthy minerals, cocoa powder and peppers.

Oban 14YR
86 Proof - Rich, sweet aroma filled with lemons, pears and oranfws, as well as sea-salt and a light peatness. Palate is full-bodied and extremely dry, with notes of dried figs and honey, and leads to a soft oaky finish.

Oban Little Bay
86 Proof - Deep aroma of sea salt, rich oak tannins, espresso beans and citrus. Christmas cake, brown sugar and oak dominate the palate, and lead to an elegant finish with touches of smoke and fruit.

Old Pulteney 12YR
86 Proof - Nose: light honeyed smoke, whiff of sea salt. Taste: light smoke, honeyed citrus, cinnamon, chocolatw and sea salt. Finish: a little dry, semi-sweet and light pepper.

Port Charlotte Islay Barley Bruichladdich
100 Proof - Aroma of smoky barley, sherry and citrus zest. Notes of dried fruits, milk chocolate, roasted walnuts and rich coffee that are balanced by a smoky undertone. Finish is focused with touches of dried fruits and smoky chocolate.

Royal Brackla 16YR 
80 Proof - Nose: fruity, apricots, figs, toffee, something akin to over-ripe banana, slighty waxy and dried fruits. Distant note of green apples. Taste: strong sherry notes showing, and again the flavours from the nose, really delightful. Touches of old wood, pencils, cardboard, leather and tobacco are in the distancem but the sultanas come to the fore.

Scapa 10YR (G & M)
86 Proof - Vibrant and bright, butterscotch, honey, floral, white grapes, sweet vanilla, sea breeze, tropical fruit, cantaloupe and guava, Palate: subtle smokiness, cocoa powder, peppery and fruity. Finish: hint of spices, warming, chalky, citrus and white grapes.

Scapa The Orcadian Skiren
80 Proof - Nose: delicate scented floral flavours with a hint of fresh pear. Sweet and fruity pineapple notws with an unexpected citrus tang. Taste: smooth and sweet, ripe honeydew melon slices with bursts of fruity pear contrasting with the tantalizing taste of sweet lemon sherbet. The finish is long, refreshing, shimmering sweetness.

Signatory Dufftown 16YR
92 Proof - Nose: slightly spicy and drying, toffee, apples and hints of honeycomb, ripe autumn fruits combined with red berry sharpness. Without water the flavor is sweet to start then drying in the finish. Warming, light and smooth; tending to delicate fresh fruit with spicy top notws. Finish: drying, pears and digestive biscuits, then spiced with notws of cinnamon.

Speyburn 10YR
86 Proof - Color: Pale, bold with amber highlights. Nose: fresh, clean and aromatic with a rich lemony fruitiness. Palate: medium-bodied with a delicatem fruity character. A dry, warm peaty finish.

Speyburn Bradan Orach
80 Proof - Nose: fruity, malty, orchard fruits, blossom, hints of light citrus, creamy. Palatw: fruity and balanced. Lots of creamy vanilla, hints of spice and oak. The finish is quite long, with oak and spice.

Talisker 10YR
91.6 Proof - Slighty smoky aroma, with hints of spice and salt. Notes of smoked meat, black pepper, cloves, honeyed oak and masa on the palate. Slightly sweet and long finish.

Talisker 18YR
91.6 Proof - Bold aroma with notes of toffee, espresso, maple syrup and peat smoke. Notes of honeyed nuts, orange zest, citrus and rock candy. Finish accented by hints of tobacco and leather.

Talisker Distillers Edition
91.6 Proof - Aroma of red fruits, berries and apricots, which lead to a crisp, full body, sweet, fruity flavors, along with touches of sea salt, peat and vanilla that ultimately fade into a lingering elegant finish.

Talisker Storm
91.6 Proof - Aroma of spicy oak, smoked beef, black peppers and honey. Notes of mellow and rich caramel on the palate that are followed by warming notes of pepper and cloves. Finish is smooth and lasting, with touches of smoke, pepper and salt.

Tomatin 14YR
92 Proof - Quite a powerful nose, big bunches of red berries and grapes. Vanilla oak and hints of white pepper. Palate: dark chocolate dipped in strawberries, crushed almonds, walnuts, victoria sponge (with jam and cream in the middle) and a center of oak. A fruity finish.

Tomintoul 16YR
80 Proof - Nose: medium-bodied and punchy, notws of stemmy cut hay and dried grasses, a leafy green note and a touch of rooty earth and fudge. Palate: notes of boiled sweets, espresso, mochaccino, ground almonds and granary toast with melted butter, vanilla fudge and cream. The finish is of good length with notes of almond and barley sugar.


Ballantine's 17YR

80 Proof - Clear golden amber color. Aroma: deep, balanced, elegant and smooth with hints of sweet vanilla, oak and a sensation of smoke. Palate: full and complex, vibrant honey sweetness and creamy vanilla flavours with hints of oak and spicy liquorice. Finish is long, sweet and with a hint of spice.

Black Grouse
80 Proof - Nose: notes of dark fruit, tropical fruit, grain, char, and butterscotch. Palate: dried apricots, char, and tropical fruit, with bourbon-like notes of caramel vanilla and a bit of smoke. A medium finish of dark fruit, malt caramel syrup and char.

Buchanan's 12YR Deluxe
80 Proof - Aromas of dried peach, butter roasted nuts, cocoa and spice with a silky-dry-yet-fruity medium body and a bouncy toasted brioche, poached pear, honey and spice finish.

Buchanan's 18YR Special Reserve
80 Proof - Aroma of chocolate, cocoa and toffee. Notes of fruits (particularly red plums), orange and roasted nuts on the palate. Finish of honeyed oak, coffee and citrus.

Chivas Regal 12YR
80 Proof - Notes of butterscotch, vanilla, apricot, and orange appear on the nose, and become more vibrant on the creamy, almost buttery, fruity palate. Butterscotch and light fruit linger on the finish.

Chivas Regal Gold Signature 18YR
80 Proof - Aroma of dried fruits, melted butter and dark chocolate. Velvety and luxurious on the palate, where further notes of dark chocolate are accentuated by floral tonws and a mild, sweet smokiness. Warm and elegant finish, punctuated by both honey and oak.

Compass Box Great King St. Glasgow
86 Proof - Aroma of peaty smokiness that is underpinned with touches of pomegranate juice, citrus and plums. Notes of sherry, berries and citrus dominate the palate. Full, round finish with a touch of sweetness.

Compass Box Hedonism
86 Proof - Aroma of ripe fruits (particularly apricots and peaches), along with touches of sponge cake and caramel. Palate is full-bodied and robust, with notes of red pepper mingled together with notes of toffee, coconuts and vanilla cream. Finish is smooth and warming with a touch of cloves and spices that linger.

Compass Box Oak Cross
86 Proof - Nose: light, stewed fruit, ginger, spice and toffee apple. Palate: tart fruit, red apples,  tannic, honey and a tiny hint of christmas spice. Finish: oak, malt and spicy sweetness.

Compass Box The Lost Blend
92 Proof - Fruity aroma, with touches of caramel, honey and nougat. Notes of citrus and vanilla complemented by a smooth, peaty undertone. Slightly sweet yet smoky finish.

Compass Box The Peat Monster
92 Proof - Intensely peaty nose, reminiscent of beach bonfires. Notes of smoke are balanced y a hint of fruitiness and lead to a subtle yet lingering finish.

Compass Box The Spice Tree
92 Proof - Aroma of ginger, cinnamon and clove gives way to bold notws of vanilla, malt, and brown sugar, along with a hint of dried fruits. Satisfying finish is long and well-balanced between sweet notes of vanilla and spicy notes of cinnamon and allspice

Cutty Sark
80 Proof - Nose: light, gentle, cut herbs, floral, custard and hay. The palate is rounded mixed peels, and lots of barley. The finish has good length, warming with malt.

Cutty Sark Pohibition Edition
100 Proof - Golden honey color, aroma of ripe citrus, orange zest and fragrant spices. Notes of toffee, creamy vanilla, peppers and coffee beans on the palate. Finish accented by touches of oak spices and sweet fruit.

Dewar's 18YR The Vintage
80 Proof - Bright gold color. Delicate, nutty aromas of nut brittle, apricot pastry, delicate spices. Notes of toffee, creamy vanilla, pepper and coffee beans on the palate. Finish accented by touches of oak spices and sweet fruit.

Dewar's Signature
80 Proof - Deep amber color. Aroma of maple, honey, anise and smoke. Notes of rich, creamy vanilla, honey, rock candy and licorice on the palate. Finish is long and warm, with a touch of heathery, floral notes.

Dewar's White Label
80 Proof - A swirl of honey, with a sprig of scottish heather. Rich, golden and warm. Clean, fresh vanilla, with a slice of pear. Soft, fruit yand well-rounded. A subtle sweetness with a curl of smoke at the finish.

Dimple Pinch 15YR
80 Proof - Nose: medium-body with warming notes of spice and caramel. Palate: well-balanced with smooth notes of honey and toffee, a little smoke and malted barley with just a hint of oak. Finish: short and there are notes of fudge and oak.

J & B Rare
80 Proof - Nose: distinct nutty note, hints of fruit and dry wood. A citrus character and a little barley. The palate has notes of berry fruits, hints of cut fruit salad and caramel. The finish is quite short with a touch of oak and spice.

Johnnie Walker Black Label 12YR
80 Proof - Nose: winter spice and treacle, hints of white pepper and a little citrus. The palate is quite rich and full. Notes of wood smoke and dry spice, hints of barley and cereal with creamy toffee and a distinct herbal note. Finish is quite fruity and long with a note of sultanas and mixed peels.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label
80 Proof - Aroma of bittersweet chocolate, caramelized oranges and a touch of tobacco. Initial notws of roasted nuts and smoky chocolate are complemented by hints of rich fruits (particularly pears), dates, toasted bread and delicate brown spices. Finish, which is incredibly smooth, has a touch of pecan pie, milk chocolate, peppercorn and figs.

Johnnie Walker Double Black
80 Proof - Aroma: flinty, orange blossom honey with a slight whiff of struck match and linseed oil. The taste starts sweet and quickly turns dry. At the beginning it's honeyed with a touch of smoky bacon then dries with tar, hint of bonfire and charcoal, moving to honeycomb. Finish: smoky notws which have a touch of dried apple and black pepper.

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve
80 Proof - Aroma of fresh fruits, particularly pineapples, apples, and poached pears, along with a touch of peat. Bold citrusy flavor profile, with hints of blackberries, malt, star anise and raisins. Finish is soft and mellow with a complex texture.

Johnnie Walker Green Label 15YR
86 Proof - The nose is rich and full. Notes of mocchaccino and espresso coffee, wood smoke and fireplace, a touch of bitter chocolate and oak. The palate is medium-body with notes of crisp cereals, coffee beans and chocolate, a date notes with a touch of walnut. The finish is quite long and spicy with honeyed sweetness and oak.

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label 18YR
80 Proof - Nose: creamy vanilla, almonds and tangerines. Notes of warm fruit, smooth caramel and dates on the palate, which are well-complemented by a subtle, smoky undertone. Finish is endless and classic, with notes of sweet vanilla and spicy oak.

Johnnie Walker Red Label
80 Proof - Nose: quite pungent and full, notes of heather roots, cut herbs, a touch of fruits and honey. The palate is quite full and rich. Notes of malted barley and potpourri, winter spice and fruitcake. Finish: long and pungent, good smoke and touch of oak.

Mackinlay's Rare Old
94.6 Proof - Delicate aromas of crushed apple, pear and fresh pineapple, with notes of oak shavings, hints of buttery vanilla, creamy caramel and nutmeg. A whisper of marmalade, cinnamon and even a tease of smoke, ginger and muscovado sugar. Taste: whispers of bonfire smoke slowly give way to spicy rich toffee, treacle and pecan nuts.

Monkey Shoulder
86 Proof - Nose of butterscotch, popcornm vanilla and honey. Slightly creamy hints of woody spice, citrus and doughy bread. Finishes with notes of dried fruits, oak and a touch of cinnamon.

Poit Dhubh 21YR
86 Proof - Nose: soft enticing suggestions of vanilla, oak and peat. Deceivingly soft and sweet nose belies robust yet well rounded palate. The palate has powerful flavour with rich peat and smoke overtones balanced by a sweet sherry wood smoothness and mature spirit syrupyness. The finish has tremendous length on the palate.

Sheep Dip
80 Proof - Nose: fragrant with notes of the coast, tangy, malty, honey and toffee. The palate is rich, warming, malty, young and spirity. It finishes punchy and tangy.

Sheep Dip Islay
80 Proof - The nose is pure islay, sweet smoke layered with salt spray and iodine. The familiar smoke-and-seawood notes are still there, but dialed way back. This has a nice, complex peatiness and a very pleasant pine-sweet thing going on.


Angel's Envy Finished Rye
100 Proof - Copper-reddish hue. Aroma of citrus, caramel, maple and rock candy. Initial notes of sherry, soft oak and cane sugar are complemented by touches of spicy rye, brown sugar and cinnamon, and lead to a warming finish.

Breakout 8YR Premium Rye
86 Proof - A rich caramel and vanilla aroma. Full-bodied flavor has smoky, toffee overtone and a nice warm mouth feel, with a long and pleasant finish.

Bulleit 95 Rye
90 Proof - Golden honey color, along with an aroma of dark cherries and mellow tobacco. Notes of citrus, buttered bread, cinnamon and spicy oak. Finish is spicy and warming, with a hint of caramel and vanilla.

Cody Road Rye
80 Proof - Golden amber color. Aroma of oily roasted nuts, suede, dried fruits and toasted meringue with a silky, dryish medium body and a smooth and even rye dough, honeyed raisin toast, cedar, and mineral finish.

Corsair Ryemageddon
92 Proof - Aroma of milk chocolate and peanut butter along with hints of dried fruit and caramel. Notes of fresh rye toast, baking spices and buttered bread on the palate. Warming finish with a touch of fruit, butter and vanilla.

George Dickel Rye
90 Proof - Aroma of oak, spicy rye, citrus and pineapple that gives way to notes of cherries, caramel, cinnamon, maple syrup and vanilla spice on the palate. Finish is gentle and complex, with hints of roasted nuts, fennel and cardamon that reveal undertones of spicy dough, smoke and ginger.

High West Double Rye
92 Proof - Aroma of cloves, cinnamon, pine nuts and mint. Notes of fresh herbs, mellow caramel, vanilla and pastachio on the palate. Finish is spicy and long, with touches of rye, woody spices and peppercorn that linger.

High West Rendezvous Rye
92 Proof - Very spicy, with cinnamon, crisp mint and fennel. Sweet notes of caramel, molasses, vanilla, macaroon, cocoa, and candied fruit enhance the whiskey's complexity.

Hudson Manhattan Rye
92 Proof - Aroma of sweet maple syrup, allspice and cinnamon. Notes of spicy rye, oak, mint and cinnamon which lead to a spunky, spicy finish.

James Oliver Rye
100 Proof - Golden amber color, along with an aroma of granola, greek yogurt, rye and peppercorn. Notes of spicy grains, buttered dough and roasted nuts dominate the palate. Finish is accented by notes of black peppers and honeyed nuts.

Knob Creek Straight Rye
100 Proof - Nose: spice, herbal with distinct rye character and nuances of strong aged wood. The palate has distinct rye spiciness with vanilla undertones of strong aged wood. The finish is warm with lingering spice.

Lock Stock & Barrel 13YR Straight Rye
101.3 Proof - Aroma of salted caramel, buttered popcorn and toffee. Complex notws of sweet vanilla, milk chocolate, roasted coffee, and honeyed oak, which are nicely balanced with subtle spicy undertone, and lead to a sweet, elegant finish.

Masterson's 10YR Straight Rye
90 Proof - Deep, golden color with floral nose that is complemented by aroma of woody spice and nutmeg. Notes of caramel, raisins, vanilla and chili flakes.

Michter's Single Barrel Straight Rye
84.8 Proof - Aroma of spices, dark fruits, rye bread and vanilla. Notes of citrus, baked goods, cinnamon and caramel on the palate which complement touches of herbs and toast. Finish which is both sweet and warming, ends with a touch of caramel.

Pikesville Straight Rye
110 Proof - Pale copper color and an aroma of dark cocoa and burnt oak. The palate is filled with layers of honey, clover and white chocolate, and leads to a finish accented by vanilla bean, butterscotch candy, maple syrup and caramel.

Rebel Yell Small Batch Rye
90 Proof - Spicy nose, with further notes of dark chocolate and vanilla extract. The palate is mildly woodym with some clove spice and surprising sweetness, and leads to a finish marked by burnt toast, orange marmalade and melted butter.

Rittenhouse Straight Rye Bottled-In Bond
100 Proof - Aroma of cocoa, toasted rye and oak spices, along with hints of vanilla and caramel. Notes of rich, intense chocolate, cloves and spices dominate the palate and are balanced by sweeter notws of vanilla, orange zest and raisin. Finish is long and beautiful, with touches of cocoa beans, baking spices and allspice.

Russell's Reserve 6YR Straight Rye
90 Proof - The nose has a floral quality, backed by a light vanilla, marsipan, and touch of oak. The first burst of flavor tastes like rye brwad. The rye notws are joined by light vanilla, oak, and allspice. The finish is long and flavorful.

Sazerac Straight Rye 6YR
90 Proof - Copper-bronze color. Aroma of rye, malt, cinnamon, cloves and black pepper. Notes of chewy caramel, vanilla, spicy rye and candied citrus on the palate. Ends with a touch of dried fruits and rye.

Templeton 4YR Rye
80 Proof - A dry nose of rye spice, oak and brown sugar. Hints of butterscotch, caramel and toffee give way to hints of spicy rye. Finishes with a great balance, bold but smooth at the same time. Said to be Al Capone's favorite drink.

Whistle Pig 10YR Straight Rye
100 Proof - Nose is rich and heavy, with notes of allspice, ginger, nutmeg, clove and a hint of honey. Taste is full-bodied, with warm, floral notes and a hint of honey and cinnamon. Mid-palate has notes of rye, toffee and mint. Finish is warm initially, with complex notes of butterscotch and vanilla.

Wild Turkey Straight Rye
81 Proof - A fruity nose full of vanilla, caramel, and tropic fruit notes. Palate has a warm and smokey flavor that is blanketed with rich orchard fruit and hints of rye spice. A medium finish that brings back the rye spice with hints of rich fruit.


Bailey's Irish Cream
34 Proof - The perfect marriage of fresh, premium Irish dairy cream, the finiest spirits, aged Irish whiskey and a unique chocolate blend.

80 Proof - A clean, approachable whiskey with lots of vanilla, toffee, and curious black burr of 80% cocoa chocolate. The finish is crisp with a touch of spice.

Bushmill 16YR
80 Proof - An exotic nose with a hint of marzipan and dried fruits. The taste, dry at first, and a real buzz from the malt. The chocolate, so evident in the 10YR, is darker now, as is the color and the rumble of port pipes at the finish.

Bushmills 21YR
80 Proof - A surprising fresh taste, it's fuller and rounder than any other Bushmills malt, yet the fruity, malty notws are all present. The madeira gives the package a wondeful toffee finish. The perfect after dinner malt.

Bushmills Black Bush
80 Proof - The super-soft sipper is a blend of grain and malt whiskey that was finished in oloroso sherry casks. The sherry influence shows in the baked apple and dried apricot flavors that round into caramel and butterscotch on the finish.

80 Proof - A single malt with slight aromas of dried fruits and nuts. Soft and supple entry leads to a dryish medium-bodied palate with delicate nut, buttery dry caramel, and reedy wood with a touch of peat. Peppery and earthy notes at the finish.

Green Spot
80 Proof - Amber with a deep floral character of elderflower and honeysuckle alluding to fruitier notes of ripe red plum and nectarine. Fresh fruit continues on the palate with exquisite biscuity flavors. Smooth, long finish.

Irish Mist
70 Proof - Glorious taste of aged Irish whiskey blended with honey, herbs and other spirits to an ancient recipe dating back more than 1,000 years. Sophisticated, sweet aromatic, warming. A wonderfully complex flavor.

80 Proof - A pot still whiskey blended of light and medium whiskies that were triple distilled for exceptional smoothness. Matured in bourbon and sherry casks to produce a crips, clean, mellow taste with sweet, spicy, vanilla tones and a subtle finish.

Jameson Gold
80 Proof - Delicate and fragrant with citrus and honeysuckle playing a lead role. On the palate it is incredibly full, opulent and honeyed and allows the citrus and honeysuckle to show through. The finish is elegant and balanced.

Jamesan Black Barrel
80 Proof - A bright amber hue in the glass. Butterscotch and maple notes in the perfume. Flavors of green apple, butterscotch and mineral are on the palate, with a salt caramel finish.

Jameson 18YR
80 Proof - Rich honey color, tropical fruit scent with a touch of caramel. Flavor is bright and vibrant, lychee, banana, orange peal tempered by a wash of honey. Finish is intriguing and dry nuances of white chocolate, banana, leather and nutmeg.

80 Proof - A well-rounded combination of maice grain and malted barleym aged in oak casks. The trace of sweet oloroso plus sweet malt adds to the excellent lushness and woody oak tones.

Knappogue Castle 12YR
80 Proof - Fresh, clean, smooth and displaying a nice creamy texture. Honeyed vanilla, toasted marshmellow, and a lot of fruit are on the palate, with a soft, dry oak finish.

Midleton Very Rare
80 Proof - The nose is treated to waves of dried fruits and warm spices. At first it is basically cream soda for adults, then the vanilla curtains part to reveal the show. The dance of sherry and pot still doesn't get any finer, with raisin tumbling into chocolate, which melts into honey.

Powers John's Lane Release
92 Proof - Matured mainly in bourbon casks and oloroso sherry butts. An abundance of earthy aroma, leather, tobacco, layers of charred wood, dark chocolate, and toffee. A long smooth finish.

Redbreast 12YR
80 Proof - Like being hit in the face with a cake chock-full of raisins and prunes, all soaked in sherry and sprinkled with toasted almonds. There's a pipe smoke, leather armchair, and a long, slow finish of spice, ground coffee and licorice

Redbreast 15YR
92 Proof - Powerful orange blossom and thyme aromas with cedar and cherry notes. In the mouth, brown sugar, baked apricots, orange and vanilla. The finish blossom perfume and vanilla.

Teeling Single Grain
92 Proof - Spice and fruit notes mingle on the nose along with under-lying sweetness. The palate is strong and spicy at the start developing into lush red berries and grapes leading to a dry finish dominated by wood and spice.

Teeling Single Malt
92 Proof - To the nose, cut grass and orange blossom. All spice, hints of vanilla, apple pie and blackberries. Spiced, rich palate with rose petal jelly and lemon curd. Creamy vanilla, hints of fried herbs and cinnamon.

Teeling Small Batch
92 Proof - An inviting nose where vanilla and spice dances with bright sweet notes of rum. While being very approachable, the influence of the rum cask and higher percentage alcohol creates a unique smooth, flavorful, slightly woody marriage.

Tullamore Dew
80 Proof - Pale amber color with an orange tinge. The nose contains a mild blend of spicy, lemony and malty notes with charred wood undertones. Warm on the palate with sweetish spices, pleasant maltiness, and hints of toasted wood.

Tullamore Dew 12YR
80 Proof - Full, smooth, well rounded whiskey combining  maltiness and pot still character. Sweet spicy notes overlay rich woody backgreound from the bourbon casks used in maturation.

Tullamore Dew Phoenix
110 Proof - The nose is warm and spicy initially, then rich, toffee, vanilla notes become evident. The higher strength tingles on the tongue leaving a spicy pot still flavour. Addition of a little water releases layers of caramel sweetness, delicate floral notes and oak tannins. Finishes long lasting eith lingering warmth.

80 Proof - Fresh pineapple, orange, lemon, vanilla vream, and butterscotch candy give way to cashew, linseed oil, and buttered toast. Pleasantly quiet, nutty sweet, faintly astringent finish, which also contains malty cereal notes.

Tyrconnell Madeira Cask
92 Proof - A nose like someone opened the spice cabinet: cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg blend with the perfumed aromas of cedarwood, a dash of lemon, and hazelnut. The complex, long finish is reminiscent of warm apple pie.

Tyrconnell Port Cask
92 Proof - Winey tones with violets and hyacinth, turning to apple, pear, mango, and a sourdough roll or scone covered in jam, walnut, and marshmallow in a miedum finish.

West Cork Single Malt 10YR
80 Proof - The nose is full of complexity: malted barley, spice and some fruit showing through. The palate is rich and spicy with notes of roasted chestnuts, raw cane sugar, allspice and nutmeg.

Yellow Spot 12YR
92 Proof - Upon entry you'll taste honey sweetness with pot still spices. Flavors of voffee, creamy milk chocolate and creme brulee with notes of red apples and toasted oak on the palate. The finish is complex with sweetness throughout.

The Box Bar and Grill is proud to serve all of our incredible selection of whiskey in a glass that really lets one savor the taste and complexity of fine whiskey. With tapered mout, you are able to really smell all of the nuances the whiskey has to offer. These glasses are available for purchase at $7.99 each. If you havw any questions about this glass, please ask your server. Enjoy!


1792 Small Batch
93.7 Proof - The nose of sweet honey and vanilla tones is balanced with orange and spice, with a woodiness in the background. The taste is quite tannic and fairly peppery with a heavily woody flavor and a hint of maple.

Amador Double Barrel
86.8 Proof - Brilliant dark amber color. Bright, nutty aromas of halva, cashew, brittle, and dried apricot with a creamy, lively, dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body and a warming, delightful, medium-long spiced nuts, corn pudding, charcoal, and cherry cola and pepper dust finish. A rich woody bourbon.

Angels Envy
86.8 Proof - Notes of sweet caramel, raisins and toffee that fade into notes of cinnamon and a touch of vanilla. The long finish has hints of dark chocolate and caramelized fruit, with just a touch of cherry.

Baker's 7YR
107 Proof - Toasted almonds and dasrk fruit with suggestions of smoked meat and old leather, relieved by a little citrus zest, all spread over a big fat caramel and vanilla middle.

Barterhouse 20YR
90.2 Proof - Aroma of charcoal, honeyed oak and vanilla beans that give way to notes of caramel, marzipan, buttered toast and candied oranges on the palate. Finish is oaky yet slightly sweet, with a touch of citrus and chocolate at the finale.

Basil Hayden's
80 Proof - Has a mild, sweet, and rye-heavy flavor with an incredibly smooth and mellow taste. Honey and mild spice on the palate, followed by a short finish.

90 Proof - Nose: caramel, vanilla, brown sugar, molasses, honey, bananas foster, coconut, dried fruit, apple brandy, hay, rye, tobacco, leather, pine and oak. Palate: honey, brown sugar, vanilla, butterscotch, toffee, banana, orange peel , sherry mint and oak. Finish: fruity apple peelm honey, marzipan, licorice, mint, tea and leather.

Bib & Tucker
92 Proof - Strong vanilla scent, fresh cut sweet grass, wet stone and old leather-bound books. Smooth entry, eith a hint of sweetness, balanced chestnutty taste.

Black Saddle 12YR
90 Proof - Rich amber color along with an aroma of spicy nougat, creme brulee and hard candy. Notes of pepper spices, toasted cinnamonm and hints of vanilla.

Blade and Bow
91 Proof - Restrained nose with hints of citrus, mint, oak and green apple. Palate is slightly fuller, with touches of apricots, figs, and pears mixed with cereal grains, and leads to an easy finish with caramel, burnt oak and cinnamon spice.

Blanton's Single Barrel
93 Proof - Nose of apple and cinnamon, with hints of vanilla and caramel. Initial flavor profile is sweet, with notws of peaches, pears and dried apricots. Flavors fade to a touch of cinnamon and baking spices and finish with notes of maple syrup and molasses.

Blood Oath
98.6 Proof - Dark, cherry wood color and an aroma of toasted oak, tobacco leaves, caramel and white maple. The palate is sweet and spicy, with notes of vanilla and dried fruits, and leads to an unforgettable finish marked by notws of green apple and allspice.

127.9 Proof - Caramel, vanilla, anise, char, hints of basil and spearmint, with a corn mouth-feel almost as thick as syrup. Because of the high proofm you'll taste more if you add water.

Bowman Brothers Pioneer Spirit Small Batch
Aroma of caramelized apples, roasted nuts, vanilla custard and freshly baked cookies. Notes of gingerbread, chocolate, toffee and coconut cream on the palatw. Finishes with spicy touch of dried fruits.

Breaker Limited Release
90 Proof - Vanilla, candy corn, cinnamon and a touch of smoke on the nose. Palate filled with caramel, taffy and graham crackers, leading to an extremely smooth finish accented by honey and chocolate chip cookies.

Breaker Port Barrel Finished
90 Proof - Aroma: hints of vanilla, spice and oak. Palate: rush of caramel with hints of rye spice and subtle hints of black pepper. The reminents of vanilla, oak and corn linger. Finish: soft and smooth mix of vanilla, oak and bits of smoke with a touch of licorice.

Breaker Wheated
90 Proof - The initial vanilla flavor gives way to underlying notes of rich honey adding to the complexity. Tasted of chocolate, molasses, and has a smoky and spicy finish.

86 Proof - Deep amber color. Nose: aromas of under-ripe banana and brown sugar. Taste: notes of white pepper, toasted sesame and honey. Finish: long sweet oak and vanilla.

Buck 8YR
90 Proof - Aroma of vanilla, dark fruits and honey. Notes of cherries, maple syrup, waffle cones and wood spices on the palate. Finish accented by touches of caramel, charcoal and cocoa.

Buffalo Trace
90 Proof - A sweet first impression of concentrated caramel but finishes dry. The overall flavor is big, rich, and complex. Imagine popcorn, generously buttered then dusted with oregano. The mash contains very little rye.

Bulleit 10YR Small Batch
91.2 Proof - Dark caramel  color, along with an aroma of toasted oak, rich caramel and sweet fruits. Notes of woody spices, cloves and oak give way to hints of dried fruits, light vanilla and spicy rye on the palate. Long slightly sweet finish.

90 Proof - Rye grains, mint, and a hint of warehouse wood mingle in the nose. Smooth, with corn, oak, and mint that doesn't overwhelm. The finish is tenacious and sweet.

Calumet Farm
86 Proof - Aroma of caramel, baking spices and oak. Notes of butterscotch, vanilla, toffee and brown sugar on the palate. Finish is full and warming, with hints of chili peppers and nutmeg.

Colonel E.H. Taylor Single Barrel
100 Proof - Aroma of oaky spices, figs and maple syrup. Noted of orange peel, dates, roasted nuts and tobacco lead to a sweet finish that is complemented by a hint of intense oak.

Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch
100 Proof - Notws of oak and dried fruit. The initially sweet flavors give way to hints of salted caramel, butterscotch and orange, which linger on the finish.

Colville Small Batch
86 Proof - Amber color. Aroma: honeyed starfruit, papaya custard, corn pudding, and caramel apple with a silky, dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full-body and long, warming, brown spice, praline, caraway rye, tobacco and mineral finish.

Corner Creek Reserve
88 Proof - Aromas of buttery nut brittle, coffee cake and spumoni ice cream with a silky, fruity-yet-dry medium-to-full body and a root beer float, dried fruit, raisin nut bran, and warming baking spice finish.

Cyrus Noble
90 Proof - Aroma of vanilla, butterscotch and roasted cashews. Notes of caramel, butterscotch, hazelnut and toffee on the palate. Finish of sweet citrus, ginger and cloves.

Duke Small Batch
88 Proof - Distinctively fruity aroma, with notes of nutmeg, maple syrup, caramel, toffee, roasted corn and mellow char on the palate. Finish is bold and spicy, with a hint of cloves, rye and ginger.

Eagle Rare 10YR
90 Proof - Aroma of gentle toast, fresh tobacco and bananas. Notes of chocolate, almonds, melons, raisins and dried fruits on the palate, which are complimented by a subtle vanilla undertone. Finish is long and fierce, with hints of roasted nuts and corn.

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof
138.8 Proof - Nose: rich oak, maple and caramel followed with more subtle hints of apple, cinnamon and orange. Palate: heat and dryh oak, but also mixes in some sweet caramel. Fruit notes also become more prevelant as your tongue adjusts to the initial blast of oak and heat. Finish: moderate to long flavor with a spicy heat that lingers.

Elijah Craig Small Batch
94 Proof - Aroma of honey, sweet corn, vanilla and brown sugar. Notes of roasted nuts, creamy vanilla, molasses and tropical fruits on the palate, that are well-balanced by hints of dry oak and cinnamon. Finish is long, sweet and warming.

Elmer T. Lee
90 Proof - Nose: notes of butterscotch, clover, vanilla and old leather. Big body bears a palate with an almost wine-like character that balances intense fruit, honey and vanilla with a light spiciness that shows off the distiller's craft. The finish is long and warm.

Evan Williams 1783
86 Proof - Nose: fruity with notws of honey, cornmeal, caramel syrup, dried dark fruit and peanuts. Palate: mild notes of caramel, imitation vanilla, grits, citric acid, sugar, peanut butter, taffy, wood and mint. Finish: notes of citric acid, cornmeal, vanilla and wood.

Evan Williams Single Barrel
86.6 Proof - Nose: caramel, vanilla and juicy fruit gum jump out first. Under that, hints of allspice, cloves and cayenne. There is a syrupy mouthfeel, sweet with honey and a nice hint of oaky tannins, mint, cloves and cayenne follow. Decent length and warmth at finish.

93 Proof - The nose is very spicy with some notes of cinnamon, black pepper, and balsam. On the palate corn and rye dominate, with some subtle oak, cinnamon, mint, and pepper flavors. Finish is long and spicy with some strong pepper and mint flavor.

Forged Oak 15YR
90.5 Proof - Color: medium amber. Nose: oak and vanilla, a touch of sweetness. Palate: leather, oak, caramel, a velvet feel to the mouth (especially after the first sip), pepper, and slight smoke. Finish: long oakm slight smoke, pepper heat, and dry.

Four Roses Single Barrel
100 Proof - A nose of plum and cherries. Well-balanced with notes of maple syrup, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Four Roses Small Batch
90 Proof - Spicy aroma, with hints of cedar, cloves, and cinnamon. Notes of red plums, apples and berries dominate the palate, and are well-balanced by hints of peppercorn and toasted rye. Finish is smooth, soft and ends with a touch of vanilla.

Gifted Horse
115 Proof - Medium amber color with crimson highlights. Nose: ripe orchard fruits, pear, red apple and sweet vanilla with some sweet spice. Palate: the pear and apple mix with tart apricot and lemon, roasted cashews, cedar, allspice and nutmeg.

Grand Traverse Small Batch
90 Proof - Smoky on the palate with notes of tobacco, vanilla and oak with a long clean crisp finish.

Hancock's Reserve Single Barrel
88.9 Proof - Color: deep amber. Nose: light and sweet, with traces of mango and papaye. Palate: the body is full and shows a nice, if simple, balance of honey, clover, a slight fruitiness and a dash of spices. Finish: long and warm.

Henry McKenna 10YR Single Barrel Bottled-In-Bond
100 Proof - The nose is inviting with aromas of vanilla, wood, and butterscotch. On the palate, most prominent is butterscotch, wood, and appled brandy, although clove, cinnamon, and rye spice are also apparent. The finish is smooth and sweet with vanilla and fruit.

High West American Prairie
92 Proof - Sweet honey nougat nose, followed by notes of vanills, caramel, oranges and dark cherries. A long, sweet finish.

Hirsch Small Batch Reserve
92 Proof - Well-balanced and complex bourbon. Notes of brown sugar, cinnamon, dates and maple. Finish is slightly sweet, with touches of citrus, balanced against notes of brown spices.

Hudson Baby
92 Proof - Notes of vanilla, oak, and sweet corn predominate and lead to a long, slightly hot but sweet finish.

I.W. Harper 15YR
86 Proof - Aroma of mint chocolate and cinnamon spice, along with big notes of oak and dried fruit. The palate is filled with sweet, citrus notes, particularly candied oranges and caramel, and leads to a robust finish accented by charred wood and clover honey.

J.R. Ewing Private Reserve
80 Proof - Sweet and subtle nose, with notes of vanilla, oak, caramel and sweet tea. Finish is incredibly smooth, with light orange and honey textures  that linger.

J.R. Revelry Small Batch
90 Proof - Soft aroma of popcorn, charred wood and peach chutney. The palate is filled with notws of vanilla, toffee, sandalwood, spice rub and raisins, and leads to a dry, complex finish accented by baked apples, cherries, worn leather and mushrooms.

Jefferson's Ocean Aged At Sea
90 Proof - Aroma of vanilla, caramel and burnt matches. Thick notes of butterscotch, vanilla, brown sugar, and salted caramel dominate the palate. Finish accented by sweet hints of citrus.

Jefferson's Groth Reserve Cask Finish
90.2 Proof - Starbright aroma of peaches, blackberries, caramel corn and toffee, which leads to a palate marked by burnt oak, red wine, cinnamon spice and dried fruits. Finish is long and dry, with lasting notes of sweet tobacco, cornbread and baked apples.

Jefferson's Reserve Very Old
90.2 Proof - The color is a light gold. The nose is floral, butterscotch, creamy vanilla and raisins. The taste is very smooth, brown sugar, tobacco, rye spice and oak. It finishes short and crisp, tobacco and oak linger.

Jefferson's Very Small Batch
82.3 Proof - Nose: soft grains, fresh corn, with a sweet coconut and banana tone, vanilla buttercream, with sugars verging on caramel. Palate: slightly hot, a bit of sugar cane appears, with its hint of vegetation, and an edge of charcoal. Finish: medium-long, some bitterness, oak tannin, and more charcoal faded with a bit of honey, like candy corn.

Jim Beam
80 Proof - The aroma is oaky vanilla with a spicy backdrop. The flavor is medium-bodied, mellow hints of caramel and vanilla.

Jim Beam Black
86 Proof - Nose of caramel, vanilla and spice. Some wood with hints of bruleed pastry and a bit of corn and yeast. The taste is caramel, oak, vanilla, citrus and dark fruit preserves. A watery caramel finish slowly fades to oak and vanilla.

Jim Beam Devil's Cut
90 Proof - Bright deep amber color. Delicate, toasty, creamy aromas of coconut creme brulee, banana cream pie, and mocha gelato with a silky, lively, fruity medium-to-full body and a warming, medium-long caramel corn, peppery spices, sassafras and tobacco finish.

Jim Beam Distiller's Masterpiece
100 Proof - Aroma of daek, rich fruits, including plums, cherries, and raspberries. Notes of chewy leather, moist tobacco, coffee and dark chocolate on the palate. Bold slightly sweet finish. Previously available exclusively at the distillery. This bourbon was extra-aged and finished in Pedro Ximnez sherry casks.

Jim Beam Signature Craft 12YR
86 Proof - Amber color, aromas of vanilla, tapioca, toasty fruit cake and brown spices with a silky, dryish medium-to-full body and an elegant, resonant, cocoa, anise, mineral and sweet and pepper spice finish.

Jim Beam Signature Craft Quarter Cask
86 Proof - Amber color, bright, nutty aromas of chocolate cherry nut bar, sweet corn pudding, and cola nut with a supple, lively, dry-yet-fruity medium body and warming medium-length salty roasted nuts, sassafras, and praline finish.

Jim Beam Signature Craft Whole Rolled Oat 11YR
90 Proof - Color of golden honey to amber. Aroma: sweet, toasted grain and nutty. Taste: slightly sweet, mellow, toasted graininess. Finish: light bodied and fairly brief.

Jim Beam Single Barrel
95 Proof - Nose: ripe with dense wood and flecked with orange peel notes. The palate offers lots of vanilla and caramel, modest wood notes, and plenty of popcorn character coming along later in the body.

John B. Stetson
84 Proof - Aroma has an almost gamy, meaty quality, laid over with vanilla, almond and caramel. The palate has almond flavors. Long caramel finish that dries to appleasingly leathery tone.

Knob Creel Single Barrel Reserve 9YR
120 Proof - Deep amber and henna color, as well as an aroma of toasted nuts, vanilla bean and oak. Palate is filled with dried fruits, maple syrup and a rum sweetness, and leads to a finish marked by a woody, cinnamon spice, evergreen and caramel.

Knob Creek Small Batch 9YR
100 Proof - Expansive notes of maple sugar, toasted nuts and oak in the aroma. The taste takes over your palate with big notes of oak, caramel and fruit. It finishes long and smooth but with more kick than most. Try opening it up with a drop or two of water.

Knob Creek Smoked Maple
90 Proof - Color is copper to medium amber. Nose: smoked hickory and maple wood, with hints of earthy grains. Palate: full-bodied, inviting maple notes that lift to smoke and are complemented with rich vanilla and caramel. Finish: smokey, smooth and slightly sweet.

94 Proof - Aroma of sweet vanilla, delicate spices and cloves. Notes of soft citrus, apricots, mangos, vanilla, caramel and whipped cream. Smooth, semi-sweet finish.

Larceny Very Special Small Batch
92 Proof - Aroma of buttery bread, honey, nuts and vanilla. Initial notes of sweet corn, caramel and honey give way to cinnamon and hints of oak. A gentle, savory finish.

86 Proof - Amber color. Lively aromas of spiced candied nuts, dried fruits, honeycomb, and leather with a bright, dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body and a warming, interesting, medium-long creme brulee, peppery spices, and minerals finish.

Maker's 46
94 Proof - The nose has the aroma of corn, vanilla, rose and toasted oak. On the palate, toasted oak, butterscotch, cherry and chocolate are noticed. A sweet bourbon with a surprising amount of fruit and cream.

Maker's Mark
90 Proof - Sweet cinnamon and corn with a lacing of vanilla. This pops in the mouth like a small firework: corn, more cinnamon, then a delayed burst of oak spice, all in a beautiful balance, sweet without being sappy or thick.

Maker's Mark Cask Strength
110.4 Proof - Aroma of caramel, Indian cooking spices and roasted corn that give way to notes of caramel apples, brown sugar and bananas on the palate. Finish has hints of citrus, orange zest and apple cider.

Michter's Small Batch US*1
91.4 Proof - Aroma of apricots, nutty dough and cracked pepper, along with notes of sweet corn and vanilla on the palate. The finish is well-balanced, and ends with notes of raisins and plums.

Old Beezer 10YR
90 Proof - A full bodied nose with notes of vanilla, banana and almonds. Dried fruits, spice and toast on the palate lead to a long sweet finish.

Old Forester 1897 Bottled In Bond
100 Proof - Robust aroma of caramel, coffee beans and starfruit, which leads to a deep palate filled with oak, vanilla and gingerbread. The finish is slightly hot and full of flavor, including notes of sugar cereal, burnt toast and cloves.

Old Grand-Dad 114
114 Proof - Aroma layered with notes of dark fruit, caramel, vanilla, bold spice, hay, oak, and syrupy sweet undertone. Oak, caramel, and dark fruit give way to and mix with, notes of leather, hay, pepper, and baking spices on the palate. Finish is long and oaky with bits of hay, chunks of caramel and a light drizxling of syrupy sweetness.

Old Grand Dad
80 Proof - Raw corn, vanilla and caramel fill the nose. Dusty raw corn, vanilla and watery caramel dominate the palate. Finish is corn driven, light notes of vanilla, spice and wet wood.

Oyo Michelone Reserve
90 Proof - Aroma of bananas, coconut and dried fruits. The initial notes of honeyed nuts, woody spices, and roasted corn give way to touches of caramel and toffee and lead to a smooth finish with notes of butterscotch.

Prichard's Double Barreled
90 Proof - Sweet notes of vanilla and honey. Initial palate is rich and flavorful, with touches of caramel, butterscotch, vanilla and toffee. Finish is mellow and ends with a spicy kick.

Prichard's Double Chocolate
90 Proof - Complex aroma of chocolate, corn and vanilla. Initial palate has rounded notes of toffee and caramel that gently fade. The chocolate flavor, while mellow and subtle, is ever-present and leads to a lingering, dry finish.

Rhetoric 22YR
90.4 Proof - Aroma: hints of toasted graind, cherries and oak wood. Palate: toasted oak and dark chocolate with ripe banana and baking spices of clove and anise, while the finish is long and woody ending with dark chocolate notes.

Russell's Reserve Single Barrel
110 Proof - A suprisingly subtle aroma, notes of cinnamonm oak and spicy wood are nicely balanced with undertones of vanilla, creme brulee and honey, and ultimately lead to a deep and rich finish.

Smooth Ambler Old Scout 10YR
100 Proof - Aroma of corn and vanilla, with a touch of dried apple. Initial notes of sweet corn and nutty dough are complemented by hints of vanilla, oak, spicy rye and earthy minerals. Finish is long and slightly sweet.

Spirit of America
86 Proof - Nose: notes of honey, sweet corn, vanilla, oak, sweetened cereal and hints of caramel. Notes of sweet corn, vanilla and honey hit the palate quickly, followed by creamy vanilla and lightly spiced honey. The finish is short and sweet with honey and creamy vanilla.

Stagg Jr
129.7 Proof - Nose: cinnamon hits the nostrils and immediately wakes you up. There's sweetness in there too mixed with a bit of vanilla. Alcohol creeps through as well. Taste: a litte smokiness mixed in with spices. Finish: the heat dissipates after going to war with your throat for 8-10 seconds. The ride down is smooth and sweet. You can feel it travel down through your chest which warms you up.

Tatoosh Small Batch
80 Proof - Aroma of dark fruits, vanilla, apricots and barley. Notes of woody spices, papaya, mangos, tropical fruits and citrus that are well-balanced by a subtle vanilla undertone. Finish, which is long and slightly dryingm lingers just enough.

Traverse City Whiskey Co. Straight Bourbon
86 Proof - A nice surge of vanilla with some notws of caramel, followed by a finish of wood and smooth flowing sweetness.

Wathen's Single Barrel
94 Proof - Aroma of caramel, vanilla, honey, violet and milk chocolate. Notes of caramel, coffee and butterscotch dominate the palate, and give way to touches of figs, berries and dried fruits. The finish has touches of creamy vanilla, buttered bread and oaky spices.

Wild Turkey 101
101 Proof - Nose: notes of toasty oak, melted vanilla ice cream, a touch of zesty citrus and butterscotch. Palate: notes of cigar box sweetness, pepper, caramel, honey on toast with melted butter. Finish: long and rich with spice and toast notes.

Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary
91 Proof - The aroma is predominately floral and sweet, seasoned with vanilla and rye spices. On the palate it has a silky texture, but the flavor is spicy and peppery on the top, with a current of citrus sweetness underneath. Cedar and oak are a supporting cast. The finish is long and warm with the woody side leaving a dry, toasty aftertaste.

Wild Turkey Forgiven
91 Proof - Spicy aroma, with notes of cloves, oak, cinnamon and rye bread. More mellow flavor profilem with notes of caramel, creamy vanilla and toffee that leads to a finish accented by touches of pepper and whipped cream. This limited-edition whiskey was made from a marriage of Wild Turkey bourbon and Wild Turkey rye.

Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit Single Barrel
101 Proof - Aroma of tobacco, honey and caramel. Full-bodied notes of nutmeg, citrus, brown sugar and leather dominate the palate. Finish is accented by hints of vanilla, mint and pepper.

Wild Turkey Master's Keep 17YR


86.8 Proof - Beautiful auburn color and aroma of caramel, vanilla, peaches, apricots and burnt sugar. The palate reveals big flavors of butterscotch, baking spices, blueberry pancakes and fresh maple, and leads to a refined finish marked by superb notes of citrus and toasted oak.

Wild Turkey Rare Breed
112.8 Proof - Deep auburn color, with an aroma of orange zest, mint and sweet tobacco. Notes of leather, figs and dates on the palate, which are well-balanced by touches of roasted nuts, nutmeg, vanilla and honeyed oak. Long, robust finish with touches of sweet caramel and creamy vanilla.

Woodford Reserve
90.4 Proof - Dry, spicy an almost austere nose, but there is corn frolicking in the background. It all comes out on the palate: hot, sweet corn tinged with berries and a touch of apricot, a bit of leather and cinnamon all loaded into skyrocket that bursts into a spicy finish.

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked
90.4 Proof - Aroma of cinnamon, vanilla and light chocolate. Mellow notes of oak, baked apples, brown sugar and raisins on the palate. Long, sweet finish.

Yellowstone Select 
93 Proof - Nose fruity green apple and lemon are balanced by dry oak and a rye spice. Taste mush less fruity than the nose, the oak, leather, tobacco, anf rye come through much more, and some hot cinnamon. The finish a great combination of aroma and taste.


George Dickel Old #12
George Dickel Old #8
Jack Daniel's Black
Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack
Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select
Jailers Premium Tenn. Whiskey


Captain Morgan
Flor De Cana 7YR
Malibu Coconut Rum
Ron Zacapa Sistema 23


Cabo Wabo Blanco
Don Julio Blanco
El Toro Gold
Jose Cuervo Gold
Patron Silver


Absolute Citron
Absolute Kurant
Absolute Peppar
Chopin Potato Vodka
Grey Goose Vodka
Ketel One
Skyy Vodka
Smirnoff Vodka
Stoli Cranberry Vodka
Stoli Raspberry Vodka
Stoli Vanilla Vodka
Stoli Vodka
Three Olives Cherry Vodka
Titos Vodka


Martini & Rossi Dry Verm
Martini & Rossi Sweet Verm


Canadian Club
Canadian Club Classic 12
Crown Royal
Crown Royal Black
Crown Royal Regal Apple
Crown Royal Reserve
Seagram VO


Gordons Gin
Hendrick's Gin
New Holland Knickerbocker Barrel
New Holland Knickerbocker
Plymouth Gin
Tanqueray Gin


Apple Shnaps
DEK Blueberry Shnaps
DEK Butter Shots Shnaps
DEK Cherry Pucker Shnaps
DEK Grape Pucker Shnaps
DEK Hot Damn Shnaps
DEK Peach Shnapd
DEK Peppermint Shnaps
DEK Sour Apple


Apricot Brandy
Arrow Ginger Brandy
Arrow Sloe Gin
B & B
Blackberry Brandy
Christian Brothers Brandy
Fireball Cinnamon
Grand Marnier
Romana Sambuca
Seagram Seven
Southern Comfort